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Many successful businesses know where they want to go and how to get there.

How soon they achieve their ambitions is often governed by the time and effort they can devote to these principal aims.

Our service is geared to relieving you of much of the accounting functions that modern businesses require. You can therefore put more of your efforts into building a successful business.

If your business grows large enough to warrant having it’s own accounts department, these functions can then be transferred “in-house”.

Our aim is to help you build a successful business because by doing that, we gain a valued client.

• Payroll Bureau (including HR)

VAT Accounting

Management Accounting

Annual Accounting

Self Assessment

New Business Ventures

As a COMPLETELY FREE SERVICE, we can prepare a complete business plan incorporating profit and loss projections linked in to cash flow forecasts. This is often essential information required by financial institutions to support a loan application and provides a clear guide to the potential of the new venture. We can then use this plan to monitor the progress of the new venture once it is operational.

Equally as important, we can arrange FINANCE for new ventures at very COMPETITIVE rates and build this into the overall business plan.

Existing Businesses

Running a small/medium sized business is probably the most difficult job in today’s increasingly competitive world. PAYE, Family tax credits, attachments of earnings, Inland Revenue queries and of course the dreaded PAYE AUDIT! That only covers some of the problems that employing staff generate and we haven’t yet looked at VAT, management accounts for the bank and annual accounts for the Inland Revenue. Did we forget self-assessment? The list is endless.

There is no possible way that you can handle this yourself whilst trying to concentrate on building a successful business and the obvious answer is to employ someone else to do it. This can mean employing a bookkeeper or accountant yourself and leaving it to them and that’s quite often where the worry (should) disappear but more often where the costs start to mount.

A cost effective alternative is to get a professional accountant to set up and run a complete set of accounts for you that can grow as your business develops. You benefit from having experienced staff maintaining your records at a fraction of the cost of employing them yourself and once your business is large enough to need your own accounts department, the whole system can be transferred to your premises.

Our service is based on obtaining information from clients on a weekly basis and maintaining computerised accounting records on their behalf. Once we have extracted the information we require, the records are returned. From that information, our experienced team of accounting staff will then do the following:-

Wages & HR
Run your weekly payroll and provide payslips and net pay details.
Calculate your monthly tax liability and fill in your payment slip. All you do is make out the cheque and post it.
Do all 5th April related returns (P35, P60’s etc.), balance your wage records and deal with the Inland Revenue direct on your behalf.
Arrange completion of family tax credit funding and renew when necessary.
Correspond with the Inland Revenue and deal with PAYE audits as required by HMIT.
Ensure all changes in PAYE legislation are complied with.
Maintain holiday pay records for each employee.
Issue contracts of employment for all existing and new staff as required.

Maintain weekly records of income and expenditure and calculate the VAT.
Complete monthly or quarterly VAT returns for submission to HM Customs and Excise.
Deal with VAT audits as required by HM Customs and Excise.
Ensure all changes in VAT legislation are complied with.

Quarterly Management Accounts
Prepare quarterly management accounts and advise on the results.
Submit accounts as required to clients bank with accompanying letter of explanation.

Annual Accounts
Prepare annual accounts in accordance with current legislation.
Calculate tax liability and advise on ways to reduce tax charge.
Complete self-assessment forms and submit to HMIT.
Correspond with Inland Revenue and deal with any queries they raise.
What will it cost you? Probably less than you think!

Our full basic service costs from as little as £20 per week, but we can tailor the service to suit individual clients needs e.g. payroll service only for as little as £5 per week.

We can provide a specific quotation for your business on request. We believe we are the most cost-effective service available in this market sector.



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